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Desktop Computer HP vs Dell

Desktop Computer HP vs Dell

joshadams / August 2, 2014

The desktop platform is known for its performance, familiarity, upgradability, and features¬†demands. Precisely, desktops have an appeal due to their appeal. They are still in demand in the market despite the platform no longer being the center of computing. A desktop can fulfill computing needs that a mobile device like a tablet and laptop can’t. The HP desktops and the Dell desktops are well known, and there have been debates on which is the best PC. Both products are known for their speed, screen size, capacity, and the value of money. Here is a comparison between desktop computer HP and Dell.


  • Value

Both Dell and HP desktops go for almost the same price. Dell beats HP when it comes to the overall looks. For example, an HP desktop that comes with 320GB and a single-core AMD processor is similarly priced with Dell Inspiron 560 with a 500GB hard drive and a dual-core Intel processor. Dell is quicker than HP since it has a superior Intel generation of processors. In most cases, HP computers are loaded with cheap upgrades that cannot match with Dell at the same value. Bottom line, Dell offers better hardware than the HP desktop.

  • Service

When it comes to selection and service, both HP and Dell offer great choices. For instance, you can purchase a Dell or HP desktop with some amazing features and a range of processor options. As a matter of fact, when it comes to upgrade features, they are well-priced on HP desktop than in Dell. The HP computers are all-in-one thus offer services a Dell computer can’t. Over the last decade, both brands received similar ranking in customer service. However, HP has a better customer service despite the satisfaction of the customers varying from one year to another.

  • Design and quality

It is arguably true that both HP and Dell are competitive brands in the market. Both desktops have unique designs languages. For instance, the Dell desktop computer is considered simple though competitive. The Dell XPS 9100, for example, features a slick, black, and silver and re-trim exterior. When it comes to choosing a desktop that is outstanding, HP is the better choice when compared to Dell. HP all-in-one computers perform better than Dell.

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    • joshadamsPosted on : April 21, 2018 at 3:22 pm

      Hp is much better based on experience coz i tried both.

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